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  • Ken + Marie

    I have been on a journey to improvment health for a number of years by carefully watching my intake of healthier foods. detoxing my whole body is healthy choice for me. Detoxing with kits that takes days is not for me!!!

    The ionic foot detox treatment is great for me!!! Saves me time and is cost effective!!!!!

    Now my wife and i detox on a regular basis every two or three weeks and have done so for last two years. We have noticed a increase in our energy and have noticed easier joint movement thourghout our body. The ionic foot detox has helped to strengthen our immune systems as we have not gotten the common colds and flus as we did before detoxing regularly.

  • Shoulder

    “I broke my elbow two years ago and my arm is not straight as yet. I love to play baseball and especially pitch. With my arm being like it is, when I pitch, I throw out my back and shoulder. Lori is at my baseball games and gives me a treatment on my shoulder which allows me to keep playing”.

  • Pelvic

    “I had injured my hip earlier in the day, but when I went to play baseball my injury became more intense, especially after running to first base. I had to pull myself out of the baseball game by the second inning. Lori was at the game and offered to give me a treatment. By the next morning my pain was almost gone. I was able to play two baseball games that day with very little discomfort”.

  • Jaw Pain

    “I clench my teeth at night and have a lot of jaw discomfort and pain. I was amazed at how effectively Bowen reduced my jaw pain. I was pain free after just a couple of adjustments”.

  • Hamstring

    “I pulled my hamstring during my baseball game. I was lucky Lori was at the game. I received a hamstring procedure and was playing ball the next day in the tournament, like nothing happened”.

  • Buttock Pain

    “I have had pain in my buttock area for several years. After just one procedure the pain disappeared”.

  • Shoulder

    “After just one Bowen Treatment my shoulder pain, caused from a torn rotator cuff was reduced by fifty percent allowing me to cope until my surgery”.

  • Lori A. Davey

    My weight has always been a struggle for me from a young age. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I got control of my weight. At age 24 I weighed 140 lbs and felt great. After having my first son, I put on 50lbs. I never had time to get if off. Then my second son came along and I gained more weight. Over the years I battled, going up and down with the different diets I tried. When I regained what I had lost in the past, I weighted even more. I have struggled like this for the last 20 years.

    I don’t know about you, but when you are a mother, wife and work full time, everyone and everything seems to come first.

    In 2011, I decided that I was tired of being the “FAT MOM” and that it was time to take control of my life. I was introduced to the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and I knew I had found the diet that would change my life forever.

    With a hectic work schedule and family life to juggle, the Ideal Protein Method is a perfect match. And best of all it tastes great!! The only thing I have to lose is weight!!
    I have lost 50 lbs in 13 weeks and feel great. I still have some ways to go, but I know I will reach my goal soon. I have lost 86 pounds to date with a little more to go.

    So come lose weight with me.