Kris Boschee

Wed, 09/14/2011

My name is Kris Boschee. I started the "Ideal Protein" protocol several weeks ago and experienced incredible results very quickly. My first 3 weeks, I lost 9 pounds of fat (confirmed on my bodyfat scale), 3" on my bust, 3" on my waist and 3" on my hips. Not only that, but my constant aching in my shins and hips completely disappeared - all without exercising.

I have been on the program barely 3 months and have lost over 30 pounds. I used to be size 12 and 40-35-40 but now i am 33-27-34 - and according to "golf town" - I wear a size 2 in their "skort" and a size 4 in their pants. I have lost 7" in each thigh - without exercise. I just have to share this with everyone out there that wants to lose that last 10 pounds to 100 pounds. I know most people don't feel happy with 10 extra pounds or 100 extra pounds, it just doesn't feel good. This program feels great - especially without exercising.

When I turned 50 this March, I looked and felt "fabulous at 50", and you can too at whatever age you are.

Kris Boschee
Sylvan Lake, Alberta